Residential Services

New Homes
Smart Wiring is the affordable way to wire your new home to make the most out of your cabling life, both now and in the future. Smart Wiring is the standard in home wiring system that lets you combine phone & fax lines, pay TV cabling, audio, video, computer and Internet, intelligent lighting, security, home automation, and much more. All at the one time and it gives the flexibility to re-arrange your cabling's role in the future without expensive re-wiring costs. We can connect every device in your house with super-fast cat6 cabling all to a central Hub for Future proofing your new home.
Smart Wiring reduces the amount wireless in the house and speeds up your internet/network. Highly recommended if you’re building a new home, we can also help if you’re in an established home. Give us a call to see how we can custom a package to suit you! 9408 1178
Established Homes
Procomm offer phone and data point installation and relocation. We have the necessary tools and expertise to get the job done for you. Whether it be for your home, office, or business, our team of professional cablers can accomplish any phone and data point installation, replacement, and relocation for you. There will always be instances when a room is modified or used for another purpose. In this case, phone and Internet lines are always affected by such changes, so you will need to call for a licensed cabler to relocate phone and Internet lines. Phone and Internet line installation and relocation is something that only licensed cablers should undertake; and if there is the need for one, why not give the Communications Professionals a call!  Call us today for a free quote! 9408 1178